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21 Day Plan to Leverage Your Boat Sales on Twitter

01.07.2010 – This plan has been written to provide a quick-start for those who are new to Twitter and who would like a bit of help when it comes to getting going with the service. It contains no staggering insights, and any experienced tweeters will probably know everything in here.


The guide takes you through from first opening an account on Twitter, to finding people to follow on the site, and how to get to grips with replies, retweets and hashtags. It might seem like there is a load of jargon involved here, but don’t worry, I’ll explain it all as we go along.

This guide is also focused on individuals using Twitter. It’s my belief that this is by far the most useful way to make use of the service – although using Twitter in the guise of an organisation is mentioned at the beginning. It’s very difficult to keep a document like this up to date in such a fast changing environment. I’ll do my best to keep revising it, but just so you know, the copy you are reading now was published on 8 January 2010.

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