Social Media Business Forum in Turkey – 10 FEBRUARY 2010

  • Social Media Business Forum in Turkey
  • Istanbul 10 February 2010
  • Social Media 101! What is Social Media Communications anyway? 
  • Social Media in the World and in Turkey
Do you realize you must exist in another world in order to survive in this world?

Do you acknowledge what that other world is and the principles of existence?

Most importantly, are you aware that you could increase the value of your brand by using those rules of engagement?

Yes, that other world is the ‘Internet’ and it is not solely used for surfing anymore. It is a platform to share your thoughts, views, and knowledge as well as to discuss specific issues. It has become a part of us, parallel to our lives.

There is a brand new system that effect each and every of us, even those who are not yet connected to. Social Media is the new existence in the parallel world. If and when used properly, Social Media can take your business to higher ends, whereas if you ignore it, you might experience the opposite.

You should learn what Social Media is in order to benefit the outcomes as individuals or business. It has become almost impossible to stay out of it nowadays. It is unacceptable to miss out on this great opportunity. It is essential to apply the rules and be a part of it in a proper way.

It is mandatory to mention about the Obama campaign for presidency in 2008 which is the most impressive single event where the tools of social Media have been used in the most brilliant way.

Most of you perceive Social Media as a communication platform, but in addition to that it is a great search tool. You can search you tagline in Social Media on daily basis and find out the keynotes only regarding your business out of millions of other data. You can research where you and/or your company stands, your strengths and weaknesses, observe hundreds of feedbacks and use those insights in order to develop your brand. You must be aware that users actually become advocates of your company on Social Media platforms. You should follow those who are for or against your business and take actions at the right time to be ahead of your competitors. Social Media utilization enables you to distribute the correct information in a matter of hours.

Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Flickr… If you don’t know what those stand for yet, now is the time to discover. If you do already, you can benefit from Social Media Business Forum in Europe by learning how to utilize those tools.

“Social Media Business Forum in Europe”

“Social Media Business Forum in Europe” has been organized to explain interactively what Social Media is, how it is used to benefit your personal or organizational brand.

In this event, you will learn how to set up Social Media campaigns and measure the outcomes.

You will discover the power of the communications via Social Media as a new concept of customer satisfaction and use it as a tool to connect you with your previous, recent and future customers.

“Social Media Business Forum in Europe” will open the doors of a brand new way of communication on Web 2.0 via professionally utilized Twitter, Facebook and blogging in order to expand your brand, find your target market and guarantee the quality of customer feedbacks.

“Social Media Business Forum in Europe” will help you realize the below mentioned topics:
  • Learn from the Social Media experts about the indefinite benefits and outcomes.
  • Learn which services and products to use and how to use them.
  • Listen from the speakers that you should not step back and be afraid to be a part of it.
  • Learn how to present the Social Media tools to you employees.
  • Learn how award-winning campaigns used Social Media tools.
  • Get in touch with the experts who already implemented Social Media tools and benefited from its power.

Posted via web from Jonathan Bowker

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