Istanbul | The purpose of the Open Box project | #ist2010

The purpose of the “Open Box” project is to facilitate public access to information. In this project, realised with the cooperation of cultural institutions, the glass boxes to be placed at different spots of the city will provide information on the weekly programs. Invitations will be distributed; tickets and souvenirs will be sold. Moreover, “Open Box” will be a bridge for the Istanbul 2010 volunteer programs and for the attention to the projects implemented locally. The parade forms of “Open Boxes” will serve as storable and portable contact points. The boxes will have a dynamic function and media providing information on 2010 projects. It will be not only about observing, watching and consuming… Points designed to learn from, participate and create will make the culture accessible in the city.

The Off-Site Museum Storage and Support Center Project is about the relocation and centralization of all museum storages under the management of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at one specific area maybe even in the outskirts of the city aiming to improve present conditions of these which occupy a valuable part of the Historical Peninsula. The planned area is designed as a “museum support centre” that will have open and closed storage spaces, conservation laboratories equipped with the latest technology, restoration workplaces, exhibiting areas, a research center, an archive, a library and a database project planned to accompany these. The conservation laboratory that will be built within the scope of the project will have a capacity to serve the whole country. The target of the project is to provide fast access to information in terms of mobile cultural assets and to create a space for documentation and archiving under continuous contact with institutions alike. The project is also expected to provide direct support for the spatial and technical infrastructure requirements of institutions giving similar services.

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