Istanbul Twitterati set Twitter Hashtag as “#istanbul2010″ for the Istanbul Capital of Culture 2010 | LMS Digital Media

Istanbul Twitterati set Twitter Hashtag as “#istanbul2010″ for the European Capital of Culture 2010

Istanbul twitterati, journalists, bloggers, businesses and other interested parties from all over the world will be Tweeting all about Istanbul using a common hashtag “#istanbul2010″.

The #istanbul2010 hashtag helps to organize and share online communications about Istanbul during it’s appointment as European Capital of Culture 2010. By attaching the hashtag to “tweets” makes it easy for  followers to learn  what’s happening, when its happening and where it’s happening  “in the now”.

There will be hotels, tour guides, restaurants, events, museums, art galleries and twitterati waiting to communicate with you and if you have more specific needs follow the Hashtag Syntax below.  To keep up to date with the goings on of  Istanbul simply search for “#istanbul2010″ on and follow the results or go to (“Google Alert of Tweets”) and set your your “Need or Offer” preferences.

Hashtag Syntax

The Istanbul Twitterati are also proposing a Tweet-friendly hashtag syntax to help visitors during 2010 to Istanbul and Turkey direct Twitter communications for more efficiently. The aim is to simplify Tweet messages to make information pieces that refer to #location, #event, #hotel #tour and other elements easier to read and respond to.

There is an active group of Istanbul Twitterati who can help visitors with in depth knowledge and first hand information on most topics related to the Capital of Culture.

Please help us spread this Twitter grammar to airlines, travel companies, visitors, journalists and other interested parties to build a communication hub for sharing opinions, travel information, humour and experiences during the year.

Read on for immediate examples, instructions for deployment, and the initial tag folksonomy for the Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010. We welcome any assistance in language.

Tweet Examples In Use:

EXAMPLE 1: #istanbul2010 #need #medical  #contact @[twitter name]

EXAMPLE 2: #istanbul2010 #offer #hotel [hotel name] #loc [location] #contact @[twitter name]

In practice looks like this: #istanbul2010 #need #guide French #loc Sultan Ahmed #info Looking for guide tomorrow


Primary Tags

Status Tags


Secondary Tags

Need/Offering Description Tags

#transport [flight, car rental, etc]

Data tags

Profile tags

#name [name]
#loc [location]
#num [amount or capacity]
#contact [email, phone, link, other]
#photo [link to photo]

End Tag
#priority [critical, urgent, high, medium, low]

Please remember overall order is NOT as important as the tag/description connection.

Have fun and enjoy this incredible city and feel free to add your comments below……

In any case please follow me @JonathanBowker

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