Social Media Releasing the World Economic Forum Eqentia Channel

Today, we published a social media release using the Pitch Engine platform. It was a snap to use. The result is a “social media release page” here that is hosted on Pitch Engine. The release was automatically added to Pitch Engine’s RSS feed, appeared in a Google search within 8 mins, and was subsequently picked-up by the Eqentia platform. After 15 mins, there were 60 hits on that social media page.

The value of the Eqentia aggregation is that it facilitates following this event from a single point of entry without the daunting impact of managing the social media system. This isn’t so different from the experience that Robert Scoble describes well in his post ““To create or curate? That is the Apple question” where he decided to stay at home to watch, curate and follow the Apple launch, instead of being physically at the event. Scoble uses a number of specially assembled social media accounts and relies on his vast network which will feed him all kinds of information.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury (or the time) to set-up the type of sensory network that Scoble has. That’s where the Eqentia platform steps in, and serves that same purpose for the busy professional who just wants to consume the news, rather than be consumed by it.

This is the link to the World Economic Forum channel, powered by Eqentia.

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Posted via web from Jonathan Bowker

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